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PULSE Smartpen by Livescribe

Pulse Smart Pen Image

Capture Everything:
The Pulse Smartpen records audio and links it
to what you write. Missed something?
Tap on your notes or drawings with the tip of your
Pulse Smartpen to hear what was said while you were writing.

No Need to Lug the Laptop:
The Pulse Smartpen automatically captures everything as you write and draw.
Transfer your notes to your computer, organize them, and even search for words within your notes.

Find what you want in seconds.
Share Your Notes:
Transform your notes and audio into interactive movies. Upload your creations online for everyone to see, hear and play.

Check it out at Avail from Officeworks.

ZoomText USB

Zoom Text USB With ZoomText USBcom , you can install and
run ZoomText whenever and wherever you
need to (with administrative privileges) without
having to purchase additional licensing or activate
each installation of the software.

Once ZoomText has been installed on a system, ZoomText will automatically start up each time you plug in the USB drive – activated and ready to use.

Key benefits of a ZoomText USB


Kurzweil 3000 USB

Image of the USB version of Kurzweil 3000 Kurzweil 3000 USB for Windows includes all the features of Kurzweil 3000 for Windows Version 10, but offers the additional benefit of enabling students and teachers to gain immediate access to the program on any Windows computer - without installing any software.

The expected release date in Australia and New Zealand is mid-April 2008.  The entire program is installed and runs on the portable USB flash drive that can be carried from computer to computer.

All three standard Kurzweil 3000 for Windows Version 10 options will also be available as separate USB options (Professional Colour, Professional Black-and-White and LearnStation).

Advantages of the USB Version!

Both available from Spectronics

Dolphin EasyConverter logo, box and CD

The Alternative Format tools for creating success for your students.
EasyConverter quickly creates Large Print, MP3, DAISY and Brailleversions of learning materials that can either be scanned from paper, or input from Word, PDF, html or text files.



What format does EasyConverter support?


Converts documents from (input format) AltFormats produced (output format) AltFormats targets/actions
  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • PDFs
  • HTML
  • Text
  • Scanned paper
  • Rich Text Format
  • DAISY Digital Talking Books
  • MP3 audio
  • Audio CD
  • Large Print
  • Braille
  • Text
  • Saved to a folder
  • Burnt to CD
  • Copied to MP3 player
  • Sent to your removable hardware
    DAISY player
  • Printed (large print, Braille)
  • Previewed in the new format's
    associated application, ie: EasyReader (software DAISY player), MS Word,
    Notepad or Windows Media Player (MP3)
  • Save your conversion as a 'project' to alter or repeat your conversion into
    a new AltFormat or with different user preferences


Available from Quantum Technology

VictorReader Stream

VictorReader Stream
This versatile, powerful DAISY-MP3 and NISO player lets you read and navigate through complex books, such as reference manuals and school
books, as well as novels and magazines.

You can also use its built in text to speech to read books in text format
such as Bookshare. Other functions include an integrated microphone
to record voice notes.

Comes with rechargeable batteries providing up to 15 hours of uninterrupted listening time.

• State-of-the-art DAISY, MP3, and NISO player
• Removable SD card for storing books, e-text files, music, and voice recordings and audio bookmarks
• Ability to play NLS download books and NLS book cartridges (for eligible members)
• Portable (4.6x2.6x0.9 inches) lightweight (6 ounces)
• Built-in human sounding text-to-speech (Nuance Vocalizer )
• Voice recording capability via built-in microphone or external microphone
• Playback through stereo headphones or secondary small speaker
• USB port to transfer books and music from your PC
• User replaceable Rechargeable battery providing 15 hours playtime
• Built-in battery charger (four hours for full recharge)
• Includes switchable external power adapter for use in multiple countries
• Stylish look with high contrast keys and buttons
• Attractive carrying case with belt clip

Available from Humanware

KNFB Reader

the screen of the knfbReader showing highlighted text The Nokia N82 phone with its integrated high-resolution camera is one of
the first phones that allow Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and
text-to-speech conversion technology to effectively operate in a very small hand-held device.

The Nokia N82 phone comes with the KNFB Reader Mobile software and
either Talks and Zooms software, developed by Nuance from the USA or Mobile Speak, developed by Code Factory from Spain, so the phone is fully accessible by not only people that have vision problems but also people that have learning disabilities.

The knfbReader Mobile and kReader Mobile, developed by K-NFB Reading Technology Inc. from the USA, are truly pocket-size readers.They are based on the Nokia N82 mobile phone and are the smallest text-to-speech reading devices in history.

It enables users to take pictures of and read printed material, text on ATM Machines and on computer screens at the push of a button. Blind users hear the contents of the document read in clear synthetic speech, while users who can see the screen and those with learning disabilities can enlarge, track and highlight printed materials using the phone’s easy-to-read display.

The Reader gives immediate access to printed information whether it is a menu or a letter.

Available from Pacific Vision