About Us and what we do.

The TAFE Disability Network in Victoria has been active since the 1980’s and since this time has established itself to be the key network for TAFE practitioners in this state. 

The number of DLOs within the tertiary education sector both at a state and national level will never be high because of the limited number of TAFE institutes and Universities across Australia.  In Victoria, many DLOs work in solo positions and/or in rural settings and can be isolated from colleagues who understand the complex issues related to disability and education. 

TDN has developed as a network for the following reasons:

TDN represents DLOs from regional centres, city campuses and the dual sector (TAFE and University) across Victoria.

The TDN meets approx every 6 weeks over the year.  Guest speakers are often arranged for these meetings.  A list of meeting dates for the current year can be found on the downloads page.  Joint meetings with VicHEDN (Higher Education Disability Network) are held occasionally throughout the year to discuss issues common to both sectors and to participate in combined professional development activities.

TDNs Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in March/April of each year.  Office Bearers for the year are elected at the AGM.  A list of the current members and Office Bearers can be found in the TDN Info Kit 2008 on the downloads page.