Projects & Initiatives

Several of the Association’s initiatives for TAFE workforce development have resulted projects jointly funded by TAFE organisations, OTTE and the TAFE Development Centre. The Association also receives requests from government and other bodies to be involved in projects particularly relating to developing staff in TAFE. Click on one of the following links for details on any of the projects.

HR Initiatives Program

The Program comprised six related projects for leading and managing the TAFE workforce more strategically. This Program commenced in May 2004, and ended in October 2005 with the completion of its final project.

The VTA managed two of the projects (Line Managers' ER Skills and Enhancing Strategic People Management) and specific TAFE organisations managed the other four projects. For further details on the projects, contact the project manager or Dr. Ian Gribble from OTTE at


Project 1: Building and Developing the Employee Relations Skills of TAFE Line Managers

Between 2004 and mid 2005, the VTA, with funding assistance from OTTE, developed and managed training for 302 TAFE line managers across Victoria on topics including: the team leader as a communicator and coach; disciplinary and dismissal processes; employment contracts; occupational health & safety; and preventing bullying and discrimination.

The project manager was Mr. Jim Andrews, Employment Relations Policy Consultant , Victorian TAFE Association, Tel: 03 9639 8100.

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Project 2: Enhancing a Strategic People Management Approach in TAFE

This project commenced in June 2004 and finished in October 2005. It provided a major professional development and update program for thirty senior TAFE human resource managers. The core of the project was a series of six modules delivered through a series two-day workshops.

These modules addressed the following: the global context of modern HR; emotional intelligence and HR; organizational Influence and alignment and HR; HR and high performance organizations; HR leadership; and creativity in HR organization. In addition, participants undertake individual coaching and mentoring as well as group project work, and also attend a series of ten specialist HR seminars on high priority issues. The project provider was Dattner Grant Pty and the project was coordinated by Mr. David Williams, Executive Director of the VTA, Tel: 03 9639 8100.

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Project 3: Workforce Planning for TAFE

This project was undertaken between June and December 2004. It consulted directly with TAFEs, and assessed and reported on TAFE views about existing and future workforce planning requirements, practices and capabilities. The project also surveyed the state of workforce planning in Victorian TAFE and researched and circulated a customized good practice TAFE workforce planning guide. Additionally, the project submitted a report to OTTE and the VTA on suggestions for improving future workforce planning arrangements.

The project manager was Ms Genevieve Goonan, HR Consultant, Swinburne University of Technology, Tel: 03 9214 8881and the project officer was Ms Barbara Clay.

Click here for the Workforce Planning Good Practice Guide.

Click here for the final report.

The objective of Phase 3 of the project was to provide an easy to use application for generating workforce data reports. Click here for the Phase 3 report.


Project 4: OH&S Management Guidelines

This project commenced in April 2004 and was completed late-2005. It examined TAFE practices and produced and piloted a new Manual of Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines for TAFE Institutes. The manual has since been distributed to all TAFEs.

The project’s final stage involved the on-campus delivery of training workshops on the implementation of the manual. The participants were TAFE line managers and the training includes a special emphasis on the leadership role of line managers in promoting a local culture of good practice in OH&S issues. The project consultants was Tony D’Abbs & Associates Pty and the project manager was Ms Sandra Ripper, Principal Injury Prevention/Risk Management Adviser, RMIT, Tel: 03 9925 4238.

Click here for the manual 'OH&S Management Guidelines for TAFE Institutes.


Project 5: Workcover Management

This project commenced in June 2004 and was completed in March 2005. It developed and trialed a practical practice case management model for the rehabilitation of ill and injured TAFE employees. A kit has since been distributed to all TAFEs as a new resource and the resources in this kit are customizable to local needs. The project manager was Mr. Geoff Mackay, HR Manager at Kangan Batman TAFE, Tel: 03 9279 2544, and the project officer was Mr. Ross Furness.

Click here for the final report on the project. Click on the following links for the project attachments:

1.   A Case Management Approach
1a  Rehabilitation Model
1b  Early Intervention Flowchart
2.   Supervisors Checklist
3.   Management of Short Term Absences (<10 days)
4    Management of Long Term Absences (=>10 days)
5.   Case Managers Report Form


Project 6: HR Partnerships with Dual Sector Universities

This project commenced in April 2004 and was based on support for a community of practice of HR managers from the four major dual sector TAFEs. The community completed and reported on its investigative work in December 2004. Their project addressed the HR issues, practices and operations that are specifically related to dual sector TAFEs. The community of practice is continuing in 2005 with funding from its initiator, Victoria University. The project manager in 2004 was Ms Belinda McLennan, Deputy Director TAFE, Victoria University, Tel: 03 9919 5256, with assistance from Ms Rosemary Medlock of Coaching Headquarters Pty.

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TAFE Scholarship Programs

Until 2002, the VTA with assistance from OTTE, managed the TAFE Scholarship Program. Please note that this program is no longer being offered.

Click here for the individual scholarship reports, which demonstrate the great ideas, innovation and enthusiasm of the scholarship awardees.

New staff development schemes for individual TAFE staff are being addressed through the Victorian TAFE Development Centre. Click here to go to their website.