Excellence in Governance: A Guide to Best Practice in TAFE Institute Councils

A Guide to Best Practice in TAFE Institute Councils. This Guide has been designed to help Council members in the Victorian TAFE system understand and adapt to the changes initiated by the former Kennett Liberal Coalition Government in Victoria.

Under the former Government, legislation was introduced which saw a state training system comprised of self governing, but state owned, TAFE Institutes, each with its own statutory powers of employment. As a result, Victoria's TAFE Institute Councils have changed from being advisory boards to governing bodies.

Throughout this transition process the Association of TAFE Institutes, the predecessor of the Victorian TAFE Association, has worked to maintain the pursuit of excellence in governance by its members. Through a structured program of informed debate, commencing in 1993, the Association encouraged its members to adopt a strategic position of critical examination throughout their Institutes, including at the Council level.

This guide is a milestone in that continuous improvement process. It provides statements of best practice to assist Council members in the critical assessment of their own performance and that of the Council as a whole. It clearly differentiates the roles and responsibilities of Councils from those entrusted to manage, making the point that successful and harmonious relationships can be maintained between the Board and management if each understands and respects the role of the other.

Finally, it provides a resource for those governing bodies dedicated to quality standards, to continue to improve the way in which they approach the governance of their organisations.

While clearly targeted at improving the performance of Victoria's TAFE system through world best practice governance, we believe that the guide is a useful tool for anyone serving on a Board.

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NB - "Excellence in Governance : A guide to best practice in TAFE Institute Councils" is no longer in print.
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